Tribute to American Veterans

For several years, Shilo Inns has been sponsoring a national radio and television tribute to our country's veterans and now those currently serving in the armed forces. In December 2000, Shilo Inns and Resorts received the first ever Patriotic Tribute Award from the American Veterans Association presented in Beverly Hills, California which was quite an unexpected honor.

"I am deeply moved by the sacrifices that the men and women of the armed forces and their families have given to make the United States of America a free country," said Mark Hemstreet, Owner and President of Shilo Inns. "Shilo Inns' corporate philosophy values hard work and dedication; there is no better example of these qualities than our nation's veterans. We want to show our respect and gratitude for our country's heroes of the past and present by honoring them publicly."

The tribute campaign elements include television, radio, magazine and newspaper print running throughout the year around traditional US holidays, including Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,Veterans' Day and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Shilo Inns is the largest independently owned and operated American hotel chain in the Western United States, with over 32 convenient locations.


Tribute to American veterans

Americans Veterans' and Desert Storm Memorial
Americans Veterans' and Desert Storm Memorial