Shilo Inns Dog Policy

Welcome to Shilo Inns, where we are a dog friendly hotel. To promote a safe hotel environment, the following dog guidelines have been put in place.

This policy does not include service animals, which are covered by applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

  • A nonrefundable dog fee applies per night (plus tax where applicable) will be charged to the guest’s account. The dog fee does not cover any damages to your room. A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed in the room. Dogs are limited to a 7 day stay that can only be extended with Shilo management approval.
  • A refundable dog deposit is required at check-in. Shilo management will authorize all refunds at check-out time. Refundable deposits are $75 for 1-7 nights and $150 for 8+ days.
  • Dog rooms are allocated to the assigned floors only. To accommodate our guests with allergies, some floors/ rooms may not be available for dogs.
  • Your dog may be left unattended in your room. However, if you leave the premises of the hotel with your dog unattended in the room, the dog must be in a crate or dog carrier while you are gone. A valid phone number should be listed on your reservation, in case of emergency. Shilo management reserves the right to require the removal from the hotel premises of any dog that is disturbing guests or creating a nuisance.
  • For housekeeping, please let us know what will be a good time for service, when your dog will be in a crate or dog carrier. If your dog is unrestrained, your room will not be serviced. If you would like to arrange a specific time for housekeeping, please call the front desk by dialing 0 from your room phone.
  • A dog bed can be provided, upon request, depending on availability. A $50.00 replacement cost will be the responsibility of the guest for any missing or damaged dog beds.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times when outside the room. Please keep your dog(s) restrained when accepting room service deliveries.
  • Guests should walk their dogs in designated dog areas (where available and marked) and are responsible for picking up after their dog in and around the hotel at all times.
  • Due to health regulations your dog is not allowed in the pool/spa area or restaurant. This does not apply to service animals.
  • Dog owners are financially responsible for property damage and injuries to Shilo employees, guests or third parties. Dogs must be restrained from being on the furniture or beds in your room.
  • Proper medical certification specifying that all vaccinations are up to date must be available upon request.
Shilo dog friendly
Shilo dog friendly
Shilo dog friendly
Shilo dog friendly